Getting Started

  • Can I buy a subscription for someone else?

    But of course! Our subscriptions make great gifts. When you create your subscription you can customize the date to ship the socks, the gift recipient's name, email address and even add in a message that we will email to them on the specified date.
  • Can I place a bulk order?

    As everyone on the planet knows, Foot Cardigan is the best gift you could ever give. And thanks to things like basic math skills, we’re offering bulk pricing on orders of 10 or more individual subscriptions. Even better, you'll get up to 20% off bulk subscription orders. Aren’t we the sweetest? ...
  • Choose shipping date for a subscription

    When placing your order, you can select the date you would like your subscription to be shipped on. All US subscriptions are shipped from our warehouse in Montana. Most subscriptions are shipped via USPS First Class Mail, the post office says these take 3 - 5 days to arrive in your mailbox.
  • I had a subscription last year. Will I get the same socks again?

    No you will not receive the same socks. After you place the order, please email and let us know you were previously a subscriber. Our team will link your subscriptions to ensure that you never receive the same socks again.
  • Where are the socks made?

    The majority of our socks are made in China, and we also have socks that were manufactured in Peru and North Carolina (US). We have been working with our factory for over 8 years and have a great relationship with them. Our CEO, Daniel, in the factory The factory
  • Where are you based out of?

    We are based in sunny Los Angeles, California. But the real magic? That happens in our warehouse in Missoula, Montana that is where our socks are shipped from.